Free Reading Fluency – Butterflies (Level H-I, L220)

Improve Level H-I (F&P) reading fluency and comprehension with our free reading passages.

Improve Level H-I (F&P) reading fluency and comprehension with our free reading passages.  Includes a reading fluency page and activity pages.  This resource is great for classroom teachers, tutors, and home schooling.

Enjoy our Free Reading Fluency – Butterflies (Level H-I)

Level H-I reading passages are perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade readers depending on their fluency and comprehension levels.  Help your child if needed with any difficult words, then have your child read the passage two or three times daily for several days to build fluency and confidence.

If desired, use the comprehension questions included to assess understanding and to provide practice with multiple choice questions.  Asking the child your own questions individually may be a better way to assess understanding.

These pages could be used either as a fluency and comprehension assessment or as fluency building practice.

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