Free Dolch Sight Word Worksheet – see

Learn the sight word (see) with this free dolch sight word worksheet.  Students read the word, trace it, dab it, color it, spell it, and write it.  Just print this easy worksheet, and you’re ready to provide reading and writing practice.

What’s Included In This Download?

  • Includes a single Free Dolch Sight Word Worksheet – see

How do I get More Dolch Sight Words?

It’s easy to get all the dolch sight words you need on our website.

Popular sight words: and, can, here, I, is, the

View all our sight word worksheets by clicking on the link below, then find the word you need, and download it.  Voila!  There’s nothing more to it.  We never collect any personal data, and all our worksheets are free.

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Why Is This Worksheet Helpful?

Developing strong reading and writing skills requires a combination of memorizing commonly used words (sight words) and learning to sound out or blend other words.  The sight word worksheets provide additional practice memorizing and recognizing a list of Dolch sight words most commonly needed for early readers and basic texts.  These worksheets alone will not result in student mastery of sight words, but using these pages in addition to other types of practice as well as reading storybooks with an adult will help provide the frequent practice necessary to memorize new sight words.